Friday, September 19, 2014

Welcome to Preschool!

September Fun
We have had so much fun getting to know each of our little preschoolers. The past two weeks we have been busy doing " All About Me" activities as well as introducing "Shapes, Colors and Numbers". The kids have loved doing art, sensory, math, reading, dramatic play, reading, and of course, playing outside!

3 Year Old Class:
This past week we had a lot of fun doing activities centered around shapes, colors, and numbers.Tuesday was centered around introducing shapes and colors. We made dinosaurs using foam shapes, and made shapes using popsicle sticks. We played in the sensory bin and raced to find different numbers. We love having our high school helpers come in to play and read us stories. During circle time the kids LOVE singing songs. Our favorite right now is " 5 little monkeys swinging in a tree". They love this song, and most of them know all of the words! We also used musical instruments to play along with the beat in some songs.

4 Year Old Class
This past week they have had a lot of fun learning about shapes through art and sensory. They have been working on their fine motor skills learning how to use scissors while cutting shapes out. They also had a lot of fun coloring with the high school buddies.
They have also had a lot of fun with different sensory activities. This past week they explored different textures using rice and floam!
Outside they have so much fun playing with the balls, climbing on the playground and running around in the sun!
We will continue to learn all about shapes, colors, and numbers now that the children have had an introduction to each of them. Help your child continue to learn by going on a shape scavenger hunt! They love finding circles, squares, triangles and other shapes all around them!

We are excited for next week to start the alphabet. We will be learning all about the letter Aa and our activities will be focused on Apples. Don't forget to bring a show'n tell that starts with letter Aa! Have a great weekend!